EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Major steps


  • 7th January: Membership of the Department of Seine-et-Marne
  • 23rd January: Presentation by Alstom and Siemens of their respective proposals as part of the "Rolling stock" competitive dialogue
  • 26th April: Official incorporation of Euro Carex, the CAREX railport federation whose registered office is based in Brussels by Belgian royal decree
  • 15th June: Creation of the Carex European Shippers Group (GEC) to facilitate discussions with rail companies.
  • 7th July: Organisation by CAREX GEC of the competitive dialogue with Rail companies interested in operating the CAREX service.
  • 7th July: Creation of "Eurocarex Club" which aims to unite all private and public partners who would like to support the project and contribute to its development
  • 10th July: Meeting to celebrate the official launch of the RFF study on connecting Goussainville to the high-speed North-Europe line, entrusted to specialist consultants from INEXIA
  • 3rd August: Promulgation of the "Grenelle 1" law which allocates 50 million euros to the creation of high-speed freight platforms at Lyons and Roissy following the Parliament amendment proposed by Deputy Yanick Paternotte
  • 17th September: Announcement by ministers Borloo and Bussereau of the "national commitment for rail freight" governmental plan that lists the Carex project as one of its priorities.
  • 23rd September: Presentation by the SNCF of its "Master plan for a new Ecological freight transport system", one item of which concerns Carex, thus confirming the national rail company's interest in the project.
  • 8th October: Membership of the Ile-de-France Region after a unanimous vote by the Regional Councillors
  • 16th December: Presentation of a Marianne d'Or for sustainable development to Yanick Paternotte for the Carex project
  • Throughout the year: Continuation of the "Train paths and maintenance slots" study by RFF according to the needs expressed by CAREX GEC members, in conjunction with the other management authorities in charge of the concerned railway infrastructures.